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Betty Lulseged: NC Power alum to Harvard first-year

For NC Power’s Betty Lulseged, hard work and excellence went beyond the volleyball court. From a middle-schooler who didn’t make her school team to the primary libero on the 18-1s team, Lulseged had come a long way. She started her club career in 2011 on the 14-2s team, and by her 16s season, she became a defensive specialist on the 16-1 team.

Now, she is officially a Northwest Guilford High School graduate and heads to one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard. After carefully deciding between the all the schools she was accepted to (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, Duke University, Brown University, Harvard University, Washington University at St. Louis, Amherst College, John Hopkins University, and William and Mary), for her, Harvard was the best choice.

“I want to do pre-med, and Harvard has the best pre-med program,” Lulseged said. “It seemed like the best fit.”

While her excellence in the classroom steered her toward the path to Harvard, her experience on the volleyball court proved to be valuable as well.

“[Volleyball] definitely has taught me how to work well with others, which can translate well in school,” Lulseged said. “It’s taught me perseverance…working hard and never giving up.”

Lessons like these come from the people who influence you most. For Lulseged, the NC Power coaches were some of those people.

“They are like my second family,” Lulseged said. “They have pushed me and told me to work hard and stay positive.”

While coaches and teammates may have impacted her, Betty has left her own mark on our club. Her positivity at every practice and tournament left memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Betty, for your dedication and commitment to NC Power and best of luck at Harvard.


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